STAR Pow-R Talent Show & Competition

 For Singers and Bands at 18 Festivals Across Ontario

Win Prizes Up to $10,000!

Don’t miss your chance to show the world your STAR Pow-R talent!

2019 Star Pow-R Talent Show & Competition

Festivals Across Ontario

People Watching the Competitions

First-Round Winners

in Prizes Available to Be Won

On-line Traffic

How To Apply

Check out this step-by-step guide to apply, and make sure you’re prepared for your upcoming competition. Get all of the details, including competition tips and eligibility requirements.

Where To Audition

Find out when you can showcase your talent at the next Star Pow-R competition. Discover which of 18 cities is hosting auditions nearest to you.                                         .

About The Contest

Music inspires and uplifts people in every corner of the world. Our goal is to help you take your talents to the next level by providing prizes and a platform to showcase your hard work and dedication.

Be the Next SuperSTAR!

Apply for a LIVE AUDITION at one of 18 locations across Ontario.

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