At each of the 18 locations across Ontario, a cash prize will be awarded to the winners chosen by the judges, and those chosen by the ‘People’s Choice’ voting.   If there at least 8 contestants at the competition, a maximum of 4 prizes will be awarded. Each participant will qualify for a chance to win a prize package which is anticipated to include any or all of the following:

Create, Record, Produce, Mix and Master One Original Song

Value $3,500

Photo Shoot With Up to Three Outfits

Value $1,200


Six Months of Artist Management

Value $6,000

Six Months of Publicity & Promo Management

Value $6,000

Cash Prizes Based on First, Second, Third Place

Value $500-$2,000

Sponsorship or Endorsement Opportunities

Value $500-$5,000

More Items to be added as additional sponsors come on board!

  • If there at least 8 contestants at the competition, a maximum of 4 prizes will be awarded. 


  • If there are fewer participants at the live competition, then the number of prizes may be reduced, in the sole discretion of the organizers.


  • Over the course of the competition, we anticipate receiving up to 2000 applications; therefore, your chances of winning are determined by the location at which you compete and the number of entries.


  • All of the winners at the 18 locations will be invited to a final, culminating event in October 2019 in the Greater Toronto Area, to compete for the final prize(s). 


  • All expenses to travel, accommodation and food will be the sole responsibility of those competing. 


  • Winners of the online competition will also participate in the final, culminating live event in October.
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