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Let’s Rebuild the Economy with Digital Street Festivals


Partnering with Neighbourhood Businesses and Local Retailers of National Chains

Community Members and Consumers

Join the ‘Buy Local’ Movement for Discounts and $1000 in Cash Prizes

And FREE concerts!!

CLICK HERE to Win $1000 in Cash

Star Pow-R ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series

Attend a Digital Street Festival from the Comfort of your Own Home! 

Cities Across Canada

Goal: People Watching per Concert

Cash Prizes Available to Be Won by Viewers

Goal: Support Local Businesses

How To Apply

Click the link below to be a part of the Star Pow-R ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series and help rebuild the economy!! These Digital Street Festivals will bring together local artists, along with opportunities to experience the extra-special offerings from your community’s businesses.

Dates for Digital Street Festivals

Find out when the next ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series is happening. Click the link below to see the artists performing and the businesses where you can ‘Buy Local’ near you.

About The Program

Music inspires and brings every corner of the world together. Community businesses are the backbone of our economy! Our mission is to rebuild the economy and celebrate the talent in each community. Plus, we’re helping to feed the front line and support the festival industry.


Sign up for:

  • Discounts and Special Offers
  • Draw to Win $1000

Local Businesses

  • Free Listing Directory
  • Advertise during Concert
  • Promote your biz via Social Media & Emails


  • Get Paid via Sponsor $
  • Perform & Gain Exposure
  • Invite Fans & Businesses

Front-Line Workers

  • Apply for Food Opportunities
  • We’re Giving Back to You
  • Supporting Local Businesses


  • Engage Your Community
  • Spread the Word
  • Become an Influencer
  • Support Local Biz & Artists


  • Brand Awareness in the Home
  • Special Offers & Reminders
  • Help to Rebuild the Economy

Cancelled Festivals

  • Sponsorship Money
  • Recommend Artists
  • Recommend Vendors
  • Promote your Brand to your Mailing List/ Followers/ Fans

Rebuild the Economy - 'Buy Local' Concert Series

Each event will support local businesses & front-line workers, and showcase local artists, singers, musicians and bands … and provide local consumers with a chance to win!

Let’s CELEBRATE our local heroes

the front-line workers and businesses who help us every day during this COVID-19 crisis!

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