How To Apply


  • ARTISTS: Sign up to do a set performing your music in a Digital Street Festival as part of the ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series. These online performance opportunities allow you to share your artistry with an audience of your community members, fans and followers. Encourage the businesses in your area to sign up in the FREE ‘Open for Biz’ Online Listing Directory. By promoting their business, and all of us making our friends and family more aware of ‘who is open’, you will be a catalyst helping us all rebuild the economy. Each performance will pay $100 per show, based on contributions from the business sponsors.

Step 1: Submit Your Info and Choose your Geographic Location Artist.

  • Submit your information at the bottom of this page. All Artist applications will be reviewed and  singers and/or bands will be chosen to Showcase and be part of one of the ‘Buy Local’ Concerts.


Step 2: ‘Buy Local’ Concerts

  • You will receive an Artist Confirmation Email which is your notification that you have been chosen to participate in a particular event.
  • Those who have been chosen will also be  listed on the website.
  • Your city, date, & location will be provided in the Artist Confirmation Email. The time will be confirmed after you accept to perform.
  • You may only participate in the event if you have been chosen.
  • Those not chosen, will be notified separately.


Digital Street Festivals in Ontario communities, and beyond.

  • We will confirm the length of your performance.
  • There are three ways to perform:  1) instrumental track, 2) with instruments or 3) acappella
  • For those playing with instruments, or with a band or group, send us an email to let us know what instruments will be accompanying the vocal performance.
  • Songs can be by any artist and from any genre (pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, latin, country, blues, indie, etc.) No profanity.
  • Pick songs that fit your voice and best represent the artist(s) you are. 
  • Additionally, show us your Star Pow-R and “It Factor”!
  • Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc., are encouraged to watch the performance. Help support our collective efforts to “Buy Local”.
  • If you are under 18, one (1) parent or guardian MUST approve your participation. If not, you will not be allowed to perform..
  • If you require special accommodations due to a disability or other need, please contact our team when you apply.
  • Dress in a style that represents you as an artist. Show your Star Pow-R as it relates to YOUR genre. We are looking for serious artists and groups ONLY.
  • Please plan to be part of the Digital Street Festival for the full duration, to allow all talent to perform and be contributing to the Q + A.