Jaylen Bradley is already making large strides in the music industry at the young age of 16. With a large following on Instagram and thousands of views on Youtube, she will soon be a name to remember. Her countless covers have quickly gained lots of exposure across many platforms and she continues to project her magnetic voice by performing many well-known songs.    To top off her musical talents, Jaylen Bradley is also pursuing a
With an eccentric voice and magnetic personality, Melissa Kadas continues to impress. Songs such as “Enough is Enough” and “Without You” have already amassed thousands of views and are still growing in popularity. Her electric delivery catches the essence of true emotion in music and shows how strong a human voice can truly be.     She has already performed on the big screen with a tribute for Alessia Cara on the CTV Walk Of Fame,
Jong Lee’s life and passion have always been solely related to music. This Korean musician based in Toronto has always aspired to be on top of a stage. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in classical music, John indulged in the music life of Toronto quickly becoming an independent artist. He changed his name to Jong SL and using his guitar rapidly made ranks in the local music scene. This gained him much respect in the
Girl Pow-R is a paramount example of portraying a positive image through music. Originally created in affiliation with International Women’s Day to support the movement #BeBoldForChange, they provide a chance for young women aged 11 to 16 to express their messages and beliefs using their voice. The passion of this group for music has created positive change all around them as they continue to share happiness with their wide audience.    Since their creation in
This Indian born musician has only started her path in the music industry. Ashavari’s phenomenal voice creates beautiful Pop sounds with hints of R&B. With a large following on Instagram, she is quickly gaining fans all around Canada. Moreover, Ashavari also actively pursues a modeling career along with dancing classes, even landing performances as a backup dancer for Dorian Electra.   While Ashavari has only started to create music, she already has experience performing around