Has Your Festival Been Cancelled?


You have the connections …

Now let’s put them ONLINE …

a Digital Street Festival!

‘Buy Local’ Concert Series

Locations across the country


Join us for the ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series

Star Pow-R is reaching out to you to combine our efforts to ‘bring back the music’ and ‘bring back the economy’!!

Come join us to help support the next generation of artists as they perform and show their passion for singing and playing in a band.

You know the sponsors, vendors and artists. Let’s work together to show the sponsors a new way to reach audiences across the country. And, let’s keep your Festival ‘front and center’ in your community.

If you are looking for an opportunity to generate some buzz around your Festival and gain visibility, let’s discuss how we can partner to make it happen!

With your help, we’ll spread a strong community message to today’s artists and their families at a Star Pow-R ‘Buy Local’ Concert!

For more details, please contact us at info@starpow-r.com


Star Pow-R has launched the ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series to focus on local communities and helping them to rebuild their economies by bringing together local businesses, artists and front-line workers. With your support and sponsor connections, we will profile your Festival, the artists you have chosen can get paid to perform, and you can remain ‘front and center’ in front of your fans, followers and mailing list.

We have fundamentally created a platform to take live music and festivals into the digital world while we all are practicing social distancing.
Your sponsors want to help you and these communities, so let’s connect and put together a package for them that will drive their brand and revenue goals.



  • FESTIVALS:  Many festivals and events have been cancelled due to this coronavirus pandemic. But, there’s a way to reach out to your sponsors, and work together with this ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series to support your organization and these efforts to rebuild the economy. You can also recommend artists and vendors who can then participate in these Digital Street Festivals. This is a great way to keep your brand in front of your fans, followers and mailing list. Promote your Festival and help sponsors get the exposure they want to continue to grow their brand’s sales, while we all work together to rebuild the economy. Drop us a quick note, so we can discuss partnering with you to help local communities.


Star Pow-R ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series attracts visitors of all ages and ethnic sectors. For businesses and brands it offers a multitude of visibility opportunities that fit both demographic goals and budgets. Together, we send a strong community message to artists and their families, while supporting local businesses and front-line workers. These Digital Street Festivals spread the news about the sponsor’s brands and your Festival. Let us know where we can partner together.