As covid restrictions begin to ease, it is probably safe to say that many of us are glad for the opportunity to return to in-person meetings. When we are in the same room as everyone else, it is hard to deny the freedom and ease of communication that are possible. We should not forget however, that the use of virtual meetings during the pandemic showed us that collaboration and marketing were still possible while we were apart. In fact, making the switch to online allowed some parties to reach more collaborators and customers than ever before. Star Pow-R and its “At Home Concert” series, for example, allowed music acts to bring their music in video podcast form to their local communities during the pandemic. While this series made the music acts’ concerts available to a much larger audience than normal, it also allowed promotional opportunities for local businesses within the podcasts. Such promotional opportunities were especially helpful for these businesses during covid.

Considering the success of initiatives like Star Pow-R’s at-home concert series, it would be a real mistake to ignore all the new opportunities for connections the pandemic gave us, as we return to in-person meetings. Therefore, what approaches could we take to form new connections with collaborators and customers that would be applicable to both in-person and virtual meetings? Here are four tips on building a customer advocate community that can be applied both ways, which were recommended during the thick of the pandemic.

1. Talk to Your Collaborators and Customers:

Talk to a diverse group of the people you’ll be marketing to so you understand who they are, personally and professionally. Doing so will allow you to provide solutions to difficulties they face, in what you market to them. Ask them questions like:

  • What are your challenges?
  • What would get you to spend time in a community?
  • What does your day-to-day look like?

2. Hang Out Where Your Collaborators and Customers Are:

Join the communities they are already a part of. Learn where they hang out online (social media, chat rooms, groups), what they are reading (publications, newsletters, blogs) and how they engage with one another. Be an active listener and participant in these communities.

3. Collaborate Inclusively:

Look for opportunities to collaborate, with your customers as well, but do so in an inclusive way. Diversify the types of collaborators and customers you promote as featured members in blog posts, videos and other community resources. Let it be your goal to make everyone in your community feel heard and valued.

4. Show Up in Your Community Consistently:

  • Personally reach out to members regularly. Take the time to really build relationships.
  • Provide rewards to super users in your community.
  • Share regular updates- both positive and negative. Sharing challenges can help build trust with community members.
  • Provide resources regularly that will help alleviate community member challenges.

If you want to find out more about building an online and in-person community, visit the source information at the Ready North website.

Star Pow-R is a branch company of Canyon Entertainment Group. It aims to support local music artists and economies by producing concert series that benefits both. These concerts give exposure to the artists, as well as advertising to the sponsoring local businesses. Learn more about how Star Pow-R’s initiatives are helping to rebuild the economy by supporting music artists, local businesses, front-line workers, and consumers. Contact us at info(at) for more information.

Author: starpow_oss