Front Line Staff



We remain dedicated to front-line workers. Part of the donations received will be put towards buying food for our front-line workers, and others who put themselves at risk on a daily basis. We will ‘buy local’ and help support them in putting food on their tables.

Has your team been 'out there' working while others are in quarantine?

Submit a brief application to tell us your situation.

We will choose people in each community to receive free food.

Spread the word and be a part of the Star Pow-R grassroots team!

Ready To Join?


  • FRONT-LINE WORKERS: You are our local heroes, and we celebrate you and your dedication! As a front-line worker, you have helped us every day during this COVID-19 crisis! Enter today into the draw to Win FREE Food for your group. Front-line workers will be chosen to receive $250 or more in food! We’re giving back to you to say ‘thank you’! We’ll choose a local business in your area to provide the food, as we continue to support local companies to help the economy recover.