To help rebuild the economy and support our fellow community members who are working hard and/or struggling, we will be GIVING BACK to Front-Line Workers, Local Businesses, Consumers and Artists.

Draw to Win Cash Prize

Consumers: $1000 Value

AND Discounts and Special Offers


Free 'Open for Biz' Listing

Local Biz: Increased Sales &

Direct-to-Consumer Promotion

Online Performance Opportunity

Artists: $100 per Show

Draw to Win Free Food

Front-Line Workers: $250+ Value

Get Hired &/or Make Connections

Volunteers: Support Businesses – Get Hired

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors: $500-$50,000+

More items to be added as additional sponsors come on board!


  • CONSUMERS: Enter the Draw to WIN $1000 Cash Prize every time there is a concert in your area. Sign up with your email and name. This also makes you eligible to receive discounts and special offers from local businesses in your area.   CLICK HERE.
  • LOCAL BUSINESSES: Add your business to the FREE ‘Open for Biz’ Online Listing Directory. Be a STAR in your community, let customers know that you are open and what you have to offer. Increase sales by being ‘where consumers search’, while they help to rebuild the economy. Direct-to-Consumer Promotion:  Promote directly to the members of your community in their homes via Social Media and Emails, as well as Video Ads during the ‘Buy Local’ Concerts in your area.  CLICK HERE.
  • ARTISTS: Sign up to do a set performing your music in a Digital Street Festival as part of the ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series. These online performance opportunities allow you to share your artistry with an audience of your community members, fans and followers. Encourage the businesses in your area to sign up in the FREE ‘Open for Biz’ Online Listing Directory. By promoting their business, and all of us making our friends and family more aware of ‘who is open’, you will be a catalyst helping us all rebuild the economy. Each performance will pay $100 per show.  CLICK HERE.
  • FRONT-LINE WORKERS: You are our local heroes, and we celebrate you and your dedication! As a front-line worker, you have helped us every day during this COVID-19 crisis! Enter today into the draw to Win FREE Food for your group. Front-line workers will be chosen to receive $250 or more in food! We’re giving back to you to say ‘thank you’! We’ll choose a local business in your area to provide the food, as we continue to support local companies to help the economy recover.  CLICK HERE.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Volunteer to help bring this program to your community. With your participation, we can run a ‘Buy Local’ Concert series in your community and support businesses with a Digital Street Festival. Email us to suggest a new community if yours is not listed HERE! Engage your community, spread the word, become a local influencer, and support local businesses and local artists. Your expertise may even get noticed by your community leaders, helping you get hired and get back to work. You’ll make connections and be a part of rebuilding the economy!  CLICK HERE.
  • SPONSORS: The ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series can bring you direct-to-consumer brand awareness in the home and position your organization as part of the solution towards helping to rebuild the economy. You can provide special offers, reminders and/or discounts. Sponsorship opportunities range from $500-$50,000+. CLICK HERE.
  • FESTIVALS:  Many festivals and events have been cancelled due to this coronavirus pandemic. But, there’s a way to reach out to your sponsors, and work together with this ‘Buy Local’ Concert Series to support your organization and these efforts to rebuild the economy. You can also recommend artists and vendors who can then participate in these Digital Street Festivals. This is a great way to keep your brand in front of your fans, followers and mailing list. Promote your Festival and help sponsors get the exposure they want to continue to grow their brand’s sales, while we all work together to rebuild the economy. CLICK HERE and drop us a quick note, so we can discuss partnering with you to help local communities.