Jaylen Bradley is already making large strides in the music industry at the young age of 16. With a large following on Instagram and thousands of views on Youtube, she will soon be a name to remember. Her countless covers have quickly gained lots of exposure across many platforms and she continues to project her magnetic voice by performing many well-known songs. 


To top off her musical talents, Jaylen Bradley is also pursuing a modeling and acting career. Her acting career began in “Becoming Abbie,” directed by Jason Bedrich where she was a part of the supporting cast. Moreover, she is also an A-List acrobat and an influencer for the well-acclaimed hair spray “Rock Your Hair”. Her versatile talents have helped her drastically to establish herself as an independent artist and attract fans all over the world.

So far, Jaylen Bradley has released 2 original songs titled “Why Do I Fall” and “Every Moment” which both received thousands of views. Her magnificent covers which she continues to create every month have only been gaining more and more popularity. Canyon Entertainment was very glad to have Jaylen Bradley perform and be a part of the “Buy Local Concert” series where she amazed us once more. As of now, we continue to wait for more original songs and surprises from this upcoming artist. You can find her music in our special playlist for Teen Dream Pop updated frequently to find new talent for your ears to hear: 

Author: starpow_oss