What could possibly soothe the human mind more than an eccentric R&B sound mixed with jazz vocals? Kibra brings just that to the table. This new emerging artist from Eritrea has already made an impact with her tracks like “3 Little Birds” and continues to show even more potential. 


With thousands of streams on Spotify and Youtube, Kibra conveys her powerful messages with incredible effectiveness. Many of her lyrics target important issues that people struggle with within their lifetime. As she spreads her inspiring messages through her music, the connection she creates with a listener is simply immaculate. 


Currently, Kibra lives in Toronto where she continues to create music. Her new single “Won’t Wait” already amassed thousands of views and is quickly becoming her most popular track. She is now in the process of releasing a new collaboration with the well renowned African artist Ko Jo Cue, and we can only wait to hear more amazing soulful sounds from Kibra as she continues her musical journey. 

Canyon Entertainment Music Group was very glad to have Kibra sing as a part of the “Buy Local Concert” series performing her amazing music. To hear the vibe of the night you may have missed, check out our playlist capturing the sounds of many amazing artists: 

Author: starpow_oss