How To Apply

Step 1: Pay the Entry Fee 


Step 2: Live Competition

  • On Monday, before your chosen LIVE Audition day, you will receive an Artist Confirmation Email which is your notification that you have been chosen to COMPETE at the Festival on Saturday.
  • Those who have been chosen will also be listed on our website.
  • Winners will be chosen by the judges. There will ALSO be an Audience Choice Winner! Voting will be done ONLY on site at the competition.
  • You MUST PRINT and BRING your Artist Confirmation Email, along with a photo ID in order to audition.
  • Your selected city, date, time & location will be printed on your Artist Confirmation Email.
  • You may only participate in the LIVE audition if you have been chosen.


Step 3: On-Line Competition- ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE CHOSEN


  • We will post your YouTube video on our Star Pow-R YouTube account after we have chosen those who will compete live from your city. 
  • Next, 1) do this yourself, and 2) ask your friends and family members to go to the Star Pow-R YouTube account and do the following:
  • For you — turn ON the NOTIFICATIONS BELL (to the right of the number SUBSCRIBED box). Notifications will tell you when new videos have been added, so you can see how you compare to your online competition.
  • Reply back when people COMMENT on your video, and LIKE their comments.
  • Based on an algorithm of ALL OF THE ABOVE, we will choose up to 10 online winners to go to the FINAL COMPETITION ROUND in September to compete for the Grand Prize.

  • Please prepare one (1) song (max 3 minutes) for your LIVE competition audition.
  • There are three ways to perform:  1) instrumental track, 2) with instruments or 3) a cappella. However, if you are playing instruments, there will not be time to mic or amplify any instruments.
  • If singing to an INSTRUMENTAL TRACK (.MP3) you need to send it by TUESDAY, midnight, prior to the competition on Saturday. No tracks will be accepted after this date/time. Additionally, this track CANNOT be changed after Tuesday for any reason whatsoever. Send it to  via 
  • For those playing with instruments, or with a band or group, send us an email to let us know how many microphones on stands will be required for VOCALS ONLY (there are no wireless mics). And what instruments will be accompanying the vocal performance.
  • If we do not receive an instrumental track from you, or your instrument information, then you sing a cappella.
  • Songs can be by any artist and from any genre (pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, latin, country, blues, indie, etc.).
  • Pick songs that fit your voice and best represent the artist(s) you are. 
  • Additionally, show us your Star Pow-R and stage presence!
  • Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc. are encouraged to attend the competition. We want your supporters to vote for you as Audience Choice Winner! Plus, this represents a more true ‘performance experience’.
  • If you are under 18 or are otherwise a minor, one (1) parent or guardian MUST accompany you to the competition. If not, you will not be allowed to compete.
  • If you require special accommodations due to a disability or other need, please contact our team when you apply.
  • Come dressed in a style that represents you as an artist. Show your Star Pow-R as it relates to YOUR genre. Do NOT come in “chicken costumes.” We are looking for serious artists and groups ONLY.
  • Please plan to be at the competition for a few hours, to allow all competitors to perform and the judges to make their decisions. There is food and drink available on site for purchase at each festival. 
  • Please check the weather in your chosen competition site and plan accordingly, as all competition venues will be held outside, although the audience can be seated under tents. 
  • You may be asked to stay for a call back, so please plan accordingly.
LIVE Competition Guidelines:

FINAL ROUND in Toronto September/ October 2019


  • Each person attending the FINAL ROUND is responsible for their own transportation, lodging and other necessary costs to compete.
  • If you are selected to participate in the FINAL ROUND, you will be scheduled a time & date to return. Here are the guidelines for the final competition.
  • NOTE: This is ONLY for artists/groups/bands that compete at one of the 17 Festivals, and win, or are chosen via the online competition process.
  • You must prepare two (2) songs Final Round.
  • You may sing to a backing track or play instruments. A cappella is NOT allowed at the Final Round; you must have accompaniment.