Rebuilding the Economy. One Business at a Time.

Consumers can search businesses and their offers.

Businesses: SIGN UP in the FREE directory.

Businesses can also promote directly to consumers with 3 options:


Promote on Star Pow-R Social Media: $150

Email to Consumers in Your Area: $125

Video Ad during the 'Buy Local' Concert: $100

Spread the word and be a part of the ‘Buy Local’ movement!

Promote on Star Pow-R Social Media

Social Media

Promote on Star Pow-R and Canyon Entertainment Group’s social media accounts. One post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to 95K followers.                    .

Email to Consumers in Your Area


Promote to Community Members and Consumers in your area. Remind them you are open, tell them how to order your services, promote discounts and special offers.

Video Ad during the ‘Buy Local’ Concert

Video Ads

We’ll show your Video Ad during the ‘Buy Local’ Concert in your area. One 10-second ad with your visual artwork, video and audio. Show your people and products; build trust & sales.

Ready To Sign Up Your Business in the FREE Directory?

We are dedicated to rebuilding the economy by supporting everyone’s efforts to ‘Buy Local’ and support neighbourhood businesses and the local retailers of national chains. A key to our mutual success in this mission is our ability to connect businesses, artists and consumers.


  • LOCAL BUSINESSES: Add your business to the FREE ‘Open for Biz’ Online Listing Directory. Be a STAR in your community, let customers know that you are open and what you have to offer. Increase sales by being ‘where consumers search’, while they help to rebuild the economy. Direct-to-Consumer Promotion:  Promote directly to the members of your community in their homes via Social Media and Emails, as well as Video Ads during the ‘Buy Local’ Concerts in your area.