With an eccentric voice and magnetic personality, Melissa Kadas continues to impress. Songs such as “Enough is Enough” and “Without You” have already amassed thousands of views and are still growing in popularity. Her electric delivery catches the essence of true emotion in music and shows how strong a human voice can truly be.  


She has already performed on the big screen with a tribute for Alessia Cara on the CTV Walk Of Fame, which was truly a turning point for her career. In addition, she has also been a part of the HoneyJam Showcase, Youth Day, and RYH Toronto where she was able to display her talent to large audiences. She continues to perform at various events across Toronto and enjoys meeting new people to improve her own craft. 

As of this day, Melissa keeps growing across every platform. Her phenomenal covers, which she posts frequently on both Instagram and Youtube, are gaining lots of views and positive feedback. Currently, no new projects have been officially announced, but everyone – including us – will definitely be waiting to hear more amazing music from Melissa Kadas. Her amazing performance during the Star Pow R “Buy Local Concert” series left viewers in awe. To hear more music from talented artists like Melissa and others who have performed, check out our playlist infused with unique sounds of the teenage mind, https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5KAAbvsNeQd6zbsvnLkXbV?si=teynZsReTt-f4Usmk-WRaA

Author: starpow_oss