Jong Lee of Peach Luffe has always had one sole focus of his life and passion: music. This Korean musician based in Toronto has always aspired to be on top of a stage. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in classical music, John indulged in the music life of Toronto quickly becoming an independent artist. He changed his name to Jong SL and using his guitar rapidly made ranks in the local music scene. This gained him much respect in the music industry and earned him the 2018 TrakScout Original Music Award. Not to mention, he was also the finalist in the Canadian singing competition “The Shot” in 2018.  


After these events had taken place, Jong knew it was time for a change. Having played with Toronto musicians Sean Yerzy, Jonathan Friedman, and Michael Friedman for over a year, Jong Lee decided to change the group’s name to Peach Luffe indefinitely. They now create astonishing music with more than 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and large followings across other platforms. Their songs with bright visions and captivating warmness create a spark of light in the darkness of our world. Currently, Peach Luffe is releasing new singles and are scheduled to release their highly anticipated debut EP “Shimmer” this summer. Fans are waiting for new music from this unique group of individuals who continue to create soulful music to catch our attention.


We were very glad to have Peach Luffe perform for the “Buy Local Concert” series where they were able to create a smooth groove for the audience. Their performance alongside Stassia Daniels, Ashavari, and Sheldon Universe truly created a night to remember. To listen to the vibe of this concert, check out our Spotify playlist made to discover known and upcoming musicians constructing beautiful sounds for our ears to hear:

Author: starpow_oss