North American music services and management powerhouse Canyon Entertainment Group has launched, a multi-faceted online concert series designed to support local businesses and artists across Canada and the United States (and other English-speaking countries) as they quickly adapt to the economic hardships and changing times brought on by COVID-19.

The Toronto-based upstart is partnering with local businesses across North America to promote their products, services and availability in and around current and future stay-at-home and operational guidelines. Star Pow-R will host a series of 100+ online concerts to amplify this promotion, all while entertaining audiences in a positive, all-ages friendly way — like a local street festival, but this time, online.

“It has become clear that many businesses and retailers have suffered through the pandemic, and some industries like the music industry may be among the last to ‘open up’ again,” Star Pow-R and Canyon Entertainment Group founder Dawn Van Dam says. “However, we have a chance to support our local communities more than ever by ‘buying local’ and starting to rebuild the economy.

“Our goal in this concert series is to do our part to help shine a light on communities across North America and showcase neighbourhood businesses and local retailers of national chains,” she continues. “We want to help local businesses share how they can help, and serve their customers, in this ‘new normal.’

“Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sponsorships will go towards paying each artist who performs, as our way of supporting artists in the community who need the help.”

Set to launch officially on May 28th with a concert series featuring Teen Dream Pop artists Azym, Girl Pow-R, Jayden Bradley and Melissa Kadas, and followed by a May 30th Pop/R&B online concert featuring Durreyl, Kezia, Kibra, and Mauve, is inviting businesses and artists alike to submit their details for free inclusion on their site, or the opportunity to perform in their streamed concert series.

“We also remain dedicated to front-line workers,” Van Dam adds. “Donations received via our related GoFundMe fundraiser will be put towards buying food for our front-line workers; we will buy those meals locally, which will also help local businesses.

“Star Pow-R is committed to supporting people in their efforts to rebuild their communities by bringing together artists and businesses — as well as front-line workers and local festival organizers — to get the economy going again,” she continues. “This is a critically important initiative at this point in time. It builds connections and support as we emerge from this phase of isolation. We have seen many music and street festivals cancel their activities over the next twelve months. Consequently, we are working with a number of important festivals to bring the festival atmosphere, music and other entertainment back to the people, in support of rebuilding the economy one business at a time.

“All of us are living, working and playing in our communities, working to continue to flatten the curve and help grow herd immunity. This movement allows us to become more engaged and more easily choose businesses who are staying open or reopening, while supporting the talented artists and musicians who have also been affected by this turmoil.”

“Together, we are building a strong community for all of us!” officially launches May 28, 2020.

For more information, please contact Star Pow-R at if you are a business, artist, consumer, sponsor, volunteer, front-line organization or cancelled festival.


Thursday, May 28th @ 7pm — ‘Buy Local’ Concert: Teen Dream Pop
in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Featuring: Azym, Girl Pow-R, Jayden Bradley, Melissa Kadas
Check out the sound of this concert via this Spotify playlist:
Register to attend here, and have a chance to win $1000 and other Prizes:

Saturday, May 30th @ 7pm — ‘Buy Local’ Concert: Pop/R&B Vibes
in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Featuring: Durreyl, Kezia, Kibra, Mauve
Check out the sound of this concert via this Spotify playlist:
Pop/R&B Vibes
Register to attend and have a chance to win $1000 and other Prizes:

Author: starpow_oss