Spruce Grove may be home for Michele Hecken and her two business ventures but her appetite for business development casts her eyes to the global markets.

These two businesses, Alpha Translations Canada and Alpha Global Experts, connect companies from around the world with a handful of services that will allow them to grow and flourish in up to 30 foreign markets.

While Alpha Translations will wink at its 20th anniversary this June, Hecken’s newest enterprise, Alpha Global Experts is only just beginning to grow and realize its full potential.

Officially incorporated in 2011, Alpha Global Experts is the result of a partnership between Hecken and fellow business enthusiast Dr. Usukoma Ekuere.

At its core, it’s all about global expansion and culture for business, she said.

The goal is to help other companies successfully expand and enter global markets, provide cross-cultural training, ease international negotiations and set up local support through on site, expert advisers.

“From the start, it was created to be scalable and to have a big vision.”

From year-to-year the organization’s top dogs verbalize a “painted picture” of what the company should look, feel and operate like in three-years time, Hecken said of their ambitious goal setting strategies.

“It’s visual, tangible and we share it with the entire company. It’s really important to formulate and express what the culture (of Alpha Global Experts) actually is. It grows naturally out of the decisions that (we) make but as it grows we need to communicate that to the team, vendors, partners and clients.”

Ekuere described the day-to-day operations of Alpha Global Experts as striving to become a more widely known name associated with the specific services they provide.

“We’re a small team so we take on a number of hats, from business development to actually developing processes to handle the projects as they come in. And, trying to expose the business,” he said.

With four nationalities represented between them, the partnership of Hecken and Ekuere couldn’t have a more fitting platform than global markets.

Hecken was raised by her German father and Canadian mother and learned both German and English at a young age.

After studying at the University of Bonn in Germany, Hecken began her then-small business Alpha Translations and eventually relocated to Spruce Grove for the community’s close proximity to her family.

In 20 years time, Alpha Translations Canada has grown to provide the corporate world with translation services of legal, financial and technical documents.

Ekuere spent his childhood and early young adult years in Nigeria, studying science. Eventually moving to the U.K. to pursue a PhD in genetics, Ekuere spent five years absorbing this different culture.

Ekuere moved to Edmonton in 1997 to pursue a post-doctorate, research fellowship at the University of Alberta.

In 1999, he started Salsaddiction, Edmonton’s largest dance studio to date, and found he loved both the movement and interaction with people.

“I realized I enjoyed being around people and talking business. The science is great fun with lots of intellectual work, but often times it doesn’t require much interaction with other people.”

It was at Salsaddiction that Hecken and Ekuere first met, and from there grew their business relationship.

“Having worked and lived in other countries and travelled so widely … there’s so much business out there,” Ekuere said of the 26 plus countries he’s travelled to.

“We feel strongly that we can compete with what we know, with our experiences combined and of course, our methodology.”


Author: starpow_oss