Ashavari, an Indian-born musician, has only started her path in the music industry. Her phenomenal voice creates beautiful Pop sounds with hints of R&B. With a large following on Instagram, she is quickly gaining fans all around Canada. Moreover, Ashavari also actively pursues a modeling career along with dancing classes, even landing performances as a backup dancer for Dorian Electra.


While Ashavari has only started to create music, she already has experience performing around Toronto. Having already performed at SkyZone and Ubisoft Toronto, we can only expect to see even more of her in the future. Her new single “Pink Afternoon” has already gained thousands of listens and can be found on any platform, including Youtube. 

Canyon Entertainment Music Group was very happy to host Ashavari and a number of other artists during the “Buy Local Concert” series. Her immaculate performance captivated listeners behind the screen who experienced an evening they could only wish for. If you want to hear the feel of the concert, check out our special playlist made to capture the sounds of talented musicians such as Ashavari:

Author: starpow_oss