Even at the best of times, which we certainly are not in, a little hand sanitizer between activities is good practice. The world, particularly heavily populated places, can be a place full of sneezes, coughs, picked noses and all sorts of other unmentionable activities. While, of course, none of us are involved in such things, and we all—OGP readers—have the most hygienic of practices, there are those who don’t, and they touch the same stuff
  They’ve gone camping to stay safe at work. At a Philadelphia supermarket, the cashier’s side of each checkout line has been outfitted with a tent-like plastic enclosure, keeping essential workers safe while on the job.Alexander Tavares, 19, captured now-viral footage of the new working conditions, constructed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, at a store on March 25. In the video, Tavares walks past the transparent plastic sheet-covered checkouts, pausing at one where