Sheldon De Zouza, or Sheldon Universe, already has lots of experience under his belt. His natural sense of rhythm and smooth voice which he uses to create an eccentric mix of R&B and Soul has already made marks in the music industry. Aside from the singing, Sheldon Universe is also a talented producer and a touring drummer. 

His music career started off when he released his first single “Out Of Love”. Since then, Sheldon has performed all across Canada and helped to produce large musical festivals at the TdotFest and One-Love-Music-Festival-TO. His music has been featured in Roots stores across USA, Canada, Taiwan, and China on Roots Radio. He is also the winner of the VocalizeU scholarship to Hollywood and has held the position of General Manager for The Canadian Urban Music Conference.

His performance during the “Buy Local Concert” series showed further depth to his artistry and gave a preview of his impressive musical ability. Up till now, no new music has been announced from the artist. Sheldon’s past music is highlighted in our special Pop and R&B playlist created to portray musical talents all across the globe:

Author: starpow_oss