Staasia Daniels continues to grow her fanbase with her amazing music. Having already thousands of subscribers on Youtube and countless streams on Spotify, Staasia is only growing and growing. Her track “Voicemail” amassed more than 100,000 streams on Spotify and gained lots of exposure across many platforms. With only more to expect, everyone is eager to hear what Staasia Daniels has to offer.


She has recently released her new album “Unheard Volumes,” which emits soulful vibes with a hint of R&B. Her melodic music and soothing voice leave listeners in a relaxed mood. This Toronto singer-songwriter continues to produce passionate music in an attempt to explore her artistry and sound.


We were very delighted to welcome Staasia Daniels as one of the performers for the “Buy Local Concert” series. Her performance left listeners with an open mind and seeking to hear more music from this talented artist. To explore music from unique musicians such as Staasia Daniels, check out our playlist made to display talented musicians worldwide:

Author: starpow_oss